Happiness is Too Expensive 2016

March 24, 2016 mixed media artist and fashion designer, Bryden Lando,  unveiled his new solo art exhibition, “Happiness is Too Expensive” at LAB ART Los Angeles to taste makers, celebrities, and high profile collectors alike.

Along with the new collection Bryden introduced limited prints and items from his capsule collection and clothing brand, DRONES, creating an unforgettable evening of fashion, art, and music.

Sponsored by Voo Vodka, a Michigan-based luxury vodka that comes to California in the new few months, as well as the loved Hint Water, this event was a perfect evening for any true art lover.
Lando also collaborated with like-minded brands to create some truly unique pieces for the show. NEON MFG, a manufacturer of neon lights with an edge, provided neon light components to a select handful of Lando’s mixed media creations. PUREFIX BICYCLES provided some of their premium bike frames as a canvas to Lando and have been producing a documentary on the process of the collaboration.  Music was provided throughout the evening by DJWINNER.

In addition to featuring Bryden’s newest collection, the gallery also displayed LAB ART’s permanent collection of alternative street art, curated by former fashion designer Iskander Lemseffer.

“Happiness is Too Expensive” is the artist’s expansion into new mixed-media techniques and a passionate expression of his familiar satire and social commentary. His iconic graphic design is layered over stories of photographs and mixed with his signature portrait style. Lando’s upbringing, travels, and intimate experiences are ever present throughout the collection. 

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